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Tibor is a film & creative director born in Brussels. He is based between Mexico city and Europe.

Tibor studied a double degree in fashion design and communication  at E.N.S.A.V La Cambre then IED. Simultaneously he started assisting Alejandro Palomo Spain in his debute.

Thanks to an exchange program, in 2018 Tibor moved to Milan and traced his first steps in the audiovisual world. “NAME” was the title of his first creation: a short portrait documentary filmed in a small village on the East coast of Spain. The documentary became recognized outside the academic frame and got published in VOGUE.ITVice.IT &

The following year He directed a crowdfunded project, raising 8.000€ to finance his ambitious dance film project "CLIMATIC MIGRATION" which is being distributed in festivals around the globe. The art film was produced in Madrid, it celebrates movement & dance as a powerful tool in the process of social integration.


Currently Tibor works as a freelance film maker, creative director & video editor.

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